Salon Hair Fashion Brande
At Hairfashion Brande You’ll always experience good personal advicing and qualitytime to our cutomers. We’ll do our best effort to do what’s best for you, and your hair.

The staff keep themselves up to date on the newest hairtrends, both at home and abroad, so that we can give You the best ideas for your new haircut.

It’s important to us, that You have a good experience in our cozy and relaxing environment.

Book your treatment quickly and easily with our Online Booking.

You can use your computer, but you can also get our booking App for your Smartphone or Tablet by scanning our QR code on our visitcards.


Monday: 8.00 – 17.30
Tuesday: 8.00 – 17.30
Wedensday: Closed
Thursday: 8.00 – 18.00
Friday: 8.00 – 17.30
Saturday: 8.00 – 12.00

Gift Card

At Hair Fashion you have the opportunity to delight someone you love. You can give a gift card.

A gift certificate from us may contain eg:

  • Cuttings, colorings, perms and other treatments or to purchase delicious products for your hair

Come by, or call us, and get good ideas for what your gift card could contain.


Here’s a list of treatments and prices at Hairfashion.



Dameklip (Incl. hårvask m/massage) 495
Klip/Føn/Vand 595
Dameklip/Farve (Helfarve kort hår) 990
Dameklip/Helfarve kort hår/Bryn/Vipper 1285
Pandehår 105
Føn/Vand 415
Stand Alone behandling (Kur) 495
Udtynding 365
Farve  (kort) 495
Farve (mellem) 725
Farve (langt) 1095
Skyllefarve (kort) 495
Skyllefarve (mellem) 725
Skyllefarve (langt) 1095
Striber m/hætte (kort) 650
Striber m/staniol, (kort) 695
Striber m/staniol, (mellem) 895
Striber m/staniol, (langt) 1195
Striber m/stanniol + farve, (kort) 895
Striber m/staniol+farve, (mellem) 1095
Striber m/staniol+farve, (langt) 1595
Blending/ Glossing fra 395
Niophlex i farven 225
Kamstrejf 525
Afvask 525
Permanent m. klip 1095
Permanent u. klip 995
Permanent langt 1350
Udtræk af krøl 1095
Bryn + Vipper 295
Vipper 195
Bryn/Farve/Ret 175
Bryn ret/voks/pincet 115
Voks overlæbe 115
Herreklip 395
Herreklip, m krans 365
Børneklip (0-12 år) 365

Alice Nielsen, Hairdresser